Maintain the natural beauty and visual quality of Loudoun County
Encourage and educate citizens to keep Loudoun beautiful.
Promote public awareness of environmental challenges and suggested solutions, like
Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.
Improve county trash disposal and eliminate illegal dumping.
Lend a Hand
You can help keep Loudoun County beautiful by becoming a member, and through these hands-on

2016 Cleanup Campaign
Starting each Spring, caring citizens clean up roadsides, streams and other public areas throughout the
county. Thousands of volunteers pick up litter along hundreds of miles of roads and waterways...and in
the process recycle plastic, glass, aluminum and paper.
 If you would like to lend a hand in your area,
contact your
Area Leader or visit the Watershed Cleanup page.

Environmental Education
Keep Loudoun Beautiful volunteers actively promote public awareness of the issues affecting o
ur environment.
 A Speakers Bureau provides programs for schools and community groups. Essay,
poster and t-shirt contests encourage children's environmental awareness.

Environmental Advocacy
Keep Loudoun Beautiful representatives encourage reducing, reusing, recycling, pollution control a
nd other environmental protection measures through various community committees.
 Members also
help monitor local, county and state enforcement of anti-litter and pollution ordinances.
Loudoun County's beauty is not simply
in the eye of the beholder...
It's in our hands as well.
KLB has been serving
Loudoun County
communities and
protecting our
environment since