Our first-ever fundraiser was a huge success in many ways!

If you missed this fundraising event, our first ever, then you missed-out on a very special time where
the extended KLB family gathered to celebrate 44 years of Loudoun County service and to ensure that
we can keep on serving.

After crunching all the numbers, the event netted over $12,000, which means that we’ll be able to
continue our existing litter cleanup programs and projects through 2016 and into 2017. That’s a big
deal, which allows us to focus again on our mission and not have to worry about slashing programs
and projects for the time being.  Of course, without the unsurpassed generosity of our friends at the
Goodstone Inn & Restaurant, this event wouldn’t even have happened, so we are very grateful to them,
the participants, the silent auction donors and the lucky winners, and those that donated cash.

Not only did this fundraiser bring financial stability, it brought together the friends of KLB, old and new,
allowing us to socialize and catch-up in a relaxed setting, and from the feedback so far, everyone had
an enjoyable time.  The event even inspired a few folks to chat with KLB Board members about getting
involved on the Board, as an Area Leader, or putting together their own cleanup projects.  Hopefully,
these folks will follow-up as we could certainly use the help with Loudoun still growing by leaps and
bounds, leaving many areas in need of attention.

Lastly, this fundraiser went a long way in raising much-needed awareness about KLB and its
mission.  Local media publications helped us get the word out about KLB and the fundraiser, and the
Purcellville Gazette ran a fabulous two-page color spread covering the event that was published on
July 15, 2016.  
Click here to view it.  These articles will be published here soon so you can view and
share.  We even had coveted Loudoun Board of Supervisors representation, which is wonderful as we
need their help in championing common-sense litter prevention ordinances, like requiring covered
curbside recycling totes, as well as educating all of Loudoun about the benefits, beyond less litter, of
eco-sustainable lifestyles, like choosing to use the reusable bags and bottles that we gave out at the
fundraiser (and give our at our community service events) instead of disposable shopping bags and
bottled water, which are both environmental disasters that are easily avoidable.

KLB is honored and grateful to be supported by the following sponsors and
donors for this event:

Title & 2016 Watershed Cleanup Sponsor: The Goodstone Inn & Restaurant

Cash Donors:
Jean Brown
Kevin & Nana Chroninger
N.E.W. Charitable Foundation
New Virginia Tractor (formerly Carlyle & Anderson)
Plant-A-Plant Company
Anne Rinaudot

Silent Auction Sponsors:
50 West Vineyards
8 Chains North
Abernethy & Spencer
Aviation Adventures
Aware Photography
Breaux Vineyards
Diana Brown
Byrne Gallery
Chrysalis Vineyards
Crushed Cellars
Cuppa Giddyup & Shennandoah Fine Chocolate, Red Horse Inn
Fabbioli Cellars
Friends of Franklin Park Arts Center
Giant Food, Cascades
The Hair Room
Highcliffe Clothiers
Hogback Mt. Paintball
Home Farm Store
Mark & Marie Lenko
Loudoun Mulch Movers
Market Salamander
Market Table Bistro
Andrew McKnight
Middleburg Common Grounds
Middleburg Montessori School
Tony & Annette Nader
Blake & Norma Netherwood
Plant a Plant Company
Redskins Alumni Association
Richard Allen Clothing
Sarah Huntington Photography
Linda Schlosser
Green Tips
KLB has been serving
communities and
protecting our
environment since
Sunset KLBBQ at the Goodstone Inn & Restaurant
Held on Thursday, July 7, 2016, from 6pm to 9pm.
36205 Snake Hill Rd, Middleburg, VA 20117