Keep Loudoun Beautiful began in 1972 when a group of
concerned citizens took the county's litter problem into their own
hands. Agnes Harrison and other early leaders made their point
by collecting roadside trash and depositing it on the floor of the
Board of Supervisors' conference room.

Since that dramatic move, Keep Loudoun Beautiful has been at
the forefront of efforts to institute and enforce pollution control
measures and preserve Loudoun's beauty. Today's KLB
leaders work hand-in-hand with a host of communtiy and
government organizations to keep the county's environment
healthy and attractive.

Since most litter eventually ends-up in or near waterways, Keep
Loudoun Beautiful has been conducting watershed cleanups
since April 1989 in Goose Creek, and along the
Virginia/Loudoun shoreline of the Potomac River since 1999.

You can help shape the future of our environment, for yourself
and for generations to come. Keep Loudoun Beautiful offers you
the chance to dig in and put your hands - and resources - to

How Did KaLeB the Goat Become Our Mascot?

KaLeB was the brainchild of Sue Kane of Purcellville and Nan
Shay of Leesburg, and he was brought to life in 1982 by Jane
Thompson of Woolcrafters on King Street in Leesburg. KaLeB, a
gleeful goat with a healthy appetite, was perfectly willing to
consume all the litter on the roadsides and public places in
Loudoun, but found that he couldn't do it alone! Our organization
adopted KaLeB as a symbol of KLB's willingness and need.
With your help, we CAN keep Loudoun beautiful... Loudoun's
Beauty is in Your Hands.
Loudoun County's beauty is not simply
in the eye of the beholder...
It's in our hands as well.
Our founder,
Agnes Harrison
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